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we come into this world we're in it together. each of us can leave a mark. or we can make a real difference that's why you represent all of us. nabs why we vote. this is d.w. news asia coming up today bride trafficking christian girls and women from pakistan married off to men in china the brats are told their future grooms are also christian and well off but the reality is very different also coming up taiwan on edge parliament will vote tomorrow on legislation to legalize same sex marriage but how equal marriage equality in taiwan actually feet we'll look ahead to the big decision. and harry endevor this barber is
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a master of hair sculpting in china sharing famous faces on to his clients. i'm sumi so much gondo welcome to d.w. news asia it is good to have you with us. now they're promised a better life and money to help their families that's how hundreds of pakistani girls and women like my head are being married off to men in china it's called bride trafficking and human rights watch is demanding that china and pakistan do something to stop it now according to christian activists marriage brokers are seeking out poor families and pakistan's christian community promising them grooms who are rich and christian once the women arrive in china however it's a different story the booming foreign bride market in china is a product of the country's one child policy it tipped the gender balance towards
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men now brokers used to look for brides from vietnam or from north korea but the man has grown and they've expanded their radius. chinese men are in need of brides and this is where they hope to find them in pakistan small and vulnerable chris. and community. goals like these are you old with promises of a better life and told them marry a wealthy christian convert that parents are promised money to you but these are almost always lies. as was married to a chinese man at 16 she's back home now pregnant and trying to forget her last christmas in china. my husband beat me when i said i wanted to go to church he was tired but i was insisting then he stopped me and stepped on my phone breaking it. there will be a model at the bottom it will be on their own wives or the. market had
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a similar experience after marrying at 19 she moved to a remote chinese village with her husband once there she says she wasn't allowed to leave the house. claim. i didn't want to go to china but it was up to my parents after the marriage they said i should go that i would have a good life that. is why doesn't we did. a good life it's a promise that many are falling for in impoverished christian communities in punjab activists say that marriage brokers cruise around churches to look for potential brides and recruit local priest for help in targeting the poorest families both mark and mark's marriages are said to have been arranged with the help of a pastor from this church. it is
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a christian activist and journalist he says grooms pay up to $5000.00 for the service and the biggest share and up in the chinese dealers pockets. the pakistani dealer gets around 200000 rupees and the family about 300000. it's big business and in china openly advertised this graffiti promotes matchmaking services mnemonics creams the lids. when we go in my opinion this is human trafficking and the chinese government is responsible for this if their citizens are doing these things. pakistan recently arrested at least 8 chinese nationals suspected of trafficking women and more arrests are expected. china says it has 0 tolerance for the practice but punjab human rights minister says beijing is enabling marriage broca's by issuing visas and documents to pakistani brides without asking questions. and we can speak to
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a correspondent how do enjoy enjoy he's standing by in islamabad in pakistan how do and thank you for joining us now we're save a surge of pakistani brides to being married to men in china in our report we saw the cases of 2 women but in general what do these brides face when they arrive in china. because don't write and do each right now you could be spent if you were wrong as you didn't respond at traffic and go back for prostitution and the price you were refused or often threatened beaten and tortured . those who were refused by this actually works are often treated involvement they were beaten by their spouses in china and the good is tracking these marriages says that 100 women mostly pistons vector chinese men even one here human rights watch says these rights are not the security of peace or the situation for them because it's very difficult in china so this is extremely troubling when you're talking
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about abuse that they're even exposed to organ trade so what kind of infrastructure is available for them in china to help them get out of the situation to even go back home. after the debate issues of the uni should be it's a woman have no options and believe i know. the situation but we chinese can best use now about this abuse if you can and these are the 99 braves who get into probably trying to dispose of all these by but it's not a thought of it's not about says that the chinese nation articles you know when you drink and you situation and you can you situations and extending all the possible assistance of pakistanis you citizens and there is no there is no it's not forced prostitution the foreign office is that and you see that the human organs are based on human will still intact after that many years to get chinese nationals so i study officials deny the spectate why are these brokers allowed to operate freely
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in pakistan we know that china is pouring a lot of money into pakistan as part of its belt and road initiative does that mean that it's on able to put political pressure on china. yes there has been threats of the chinese national. interests and yet this is. keeping dollars investment in part based on school gate in china are starting off we're going to do it and it is a leniency on these i want to see a return on usenet and you should be these are on the right was so focused on the authorities have launched that don't ask chinese nationals in the recent is what any should be more and in this human trafficking and you are going straight if you're going to expect an investigation agency has used the above has some good night chinese and the pakistani cities are going to go up to a district all right correspondent how do you intend us speaking to us from islamabad pakistan thank you very much thank you
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to taiwan now an island that's considered a bastion of liberalism in asia that liberalism is being put to the test on friday the taiwanese parliament will vote on 3 bills on legalizing same sex marriage for the island's l g b t community the fight for same sex unions has not been easy back in 2017 the island's top court ruled it was unconstitutional to ban same sex couples from getting married but last year taiwanese voters rejected that ruling in a series of referendums now those couples are waiting nervously for parliament's thought. shane lane and mark you on have spent the last 2 years planning their wedding in fine detail the cake shop owners from taipei have been dreaming of their special day ever since taiwan's top court ruled same sex couples should be allowed to marry a 1st for asia. so. it was sort of high 1 may often be
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overlooked internationally and all of the things we have done are visionaries that we can be proud of that. but on top of the usual wedding stress is shane mark and other taiwanese same sex couples have a bigger problem and it's divided the islands. i i same sex couples wanting to wear it still don't know what their marriage will look like that's because the courts didn't specify how its rulings should be applied so parliaments will vote on 3 options one put forward by the government is just about satisfactory for these rights campaigners and to others tabled by lawmakers which don't use the word marriage and provide much less protection for couples. we don't know what these lawmakers want maybe they want to force us down a dead end but we won't accept that we'll fight like that but not everyone on this relatively liberal island shares these people's desire for equality in
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a series of referendums last year more than 2 thirds of voters decided marriage should only be defined as being between a man and a woman friday's ruling will be closely watched and it may not be the last word on the matter. and we'll be covering the vote on those 3 bills in the taiwanese parliament tomorrow now to a quirky story from china about a man and his razor and the portraits he shaves under people's heads we're going to take a look now at a barber and his quest to be a cut above the rest. the show my real name is one junk fern. i was born in 1800 and i was among the 1st to do his sculpting in china with 0.
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one thing is no ordinary barber the 39 year old specializes in sculpting images of famous faces on to his clients heads such as chairman mao. bruce lee. it's a form of art it's about daily life but it goes beyond that it's very challenging to use here to show an image on someone's head but i'm someone who rather likes challenges. one started her sculpting 4 years ago and he's gained a loyal following since then this 28 year old regular has requested a tribute to england football legend david beckham. people all know that david beckham is a symbol of fashion entering eunice. so today i want to have easy image on my
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head which means i can be as fashionable is even for young. wiring takes about an hour to complete a head sculpture like this and it doesn't cost more than a regular haircut which is lucky for his clients because the harry art works start growing out after about a week. that's it for today there are more stories on our website www dot com slash asia and be sure to check us out on facebook as. well leave you now with some images from kyoto that's spectacular costumes at the hour we festival of the. thanks for watching and see you next time.
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some time in the 26th. my great granddaughter. you were trying to grease moment. evidently sea level rise by at least one central. we're going to have some climate
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impacts return or so your. dog. why are people more concerned. today 1st. the for. the world's top 2 economies lock on trump wraps up his battle against chinese telecoms johns for a way a day after saying a trade deal with china is near. also coming up how one of the world's top tourist destinations grapples to recover from terror attacks. welcome to business asia i want to get jones in berlin good to have you with us now there is no way the u.s.
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can. why are people more concerned. shorts may 31st w. the world's top 2 economies lock on trump wraps up his battle against chinese telecoms drunk for way a day after saying a trade deal with china is near. also coming up how one of the world's top tourist destinations grapples to recover from terror attacks. welcome to business asia i want to get jones in berlin good to have you with us now there is no way the u.s. can crush us that's what the founder of hugh away said back in february this year when washington was pursuing criminal charges against the company and its chief financial officer now u.s.
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president donald trump declared a national emergency to protect u.s. computer networks from quote foreign adversaries and while the order doesn't name any company it's believed to target sure way. the u.s. government has long viewed the chinese company as an espionage threat and has sought to keep while way from playing a major role on the u.s. telecommunications infrastructure market. this new move is likely to prevent it from supplying the equipment being used to set up cutting edge 5 g. networks donald trump's decision has come at a key moment a nigga.


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